New Pokerface

Album: Swingers (2011)

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Song: Darlington Park

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"Punk rock with goose bumps"
( Dutch music magazine Oor )
Here is the flesh and blood out of which sincere music emanates. New Pokerface is a band founded in 2006.
The band is hardworking and energetic and their music, of which they are very proud, is written with great love and care. New Pokerface sees that the ache of discontent can only be solved by taking matters into one's own hands. Here is New Pokerface.

Already the band released an EP called 'Act The Animal' (2006) and a full length album called 'Another Day, Another Religion' (2008). The songs from this EP and CD were performed on over a 100 shows through the whole of western Europe in countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain.

Musically the band's sound is comparable to melodic hardcore/ punk rock bands such as Rise Against, Nothington, Craig's Brother and Propagandhi. However, New Pokerface is not a band that will continue with a fixed sound. New Pokerface believes that Punk rock should conform to its musicians rather than the other way around. The band is certainly not interested in establishing some kind of image or to live up to the expectations of their current listeners.

Interestingly though, their music has been positively received. The songs on their records are praised for their passionate intensity and intelligence. People often say there radiates an honest enthusiasm from the band's music.
Thematically New Pokerface tries to write about topics that are universal in scope. Topics such as life/death, friendship, the meaning of truth or just simple daily affairs are likely to be sung in a New Pokerface song. The band believes that, basically, everything that constitutes the human condition is lyrically interesting.

Currently the band has put out a new EP called 'SWINGERS' which consist of five new songs. The new record is considered by the band to be their best material to date. Furthermore the band already is writing new songs for their upcoming full length album which will be out by the end of 2011.
What the future holds is always uncertain but New Pokerface hopes it will give opportunities to play more shows and offer time for the continuing development of their music. The latter always guided by their own sense of taste; the first fueled by the gift of their enthusiasm.

New Pokerface is:
Tim Klaassen: vocals / guitar
Erik Hermeler: vocals / bass
Bert Floren: guitar / backing vocals
Thomas Frankhuizen: drums